While support is gaining momentum for Jemele Hill, ESPN is spinning out of control after suspended the controversial co-host for two weeks after recent tweets suggested those who oppose Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remarks towards those who protest the national anthem boycott his sponsors. 

While some have praised ESPN for their actions many are against the move citing Jerry Jones threats towards players who protest the anthem violate their rights towards the 1st amendment. 

Despite Hill’s punishment, all the pressure is now on her employer as they learn how to balance promoting individual personalities and staying politically neutral, many believe she’ll be more popular once returning from her suspension. Fox Sports Host Shannon Sharpe even chimed in and took to Twitter suggesting Hill join him along with Skip Bayless  on their show ‘Undisputed’

What we now know is there are more in favor of athlete’s using their power to display the injustice in America with police officers among African Americans than those who feel the players should not protest during the national anthem. Let’s see how it plays out!!!