If you wish to have your song(s) and video(s) uploaded to Platinum Mics simply email your music link from your SoundCloud page along with video to upload@platinumMics.com. We will only accept music links from SoundCloud and video links from YouTube and Vevo. Please email a profile picture along with Bio or Current and relevant information pertaining to yourself.  If available also send your personal website and/or social media links you may have so that fans may follow.

At the present time all artist pages and uploads are  handled by Platinum Mics to preserve the quality of the music and video’s being submitted. Once your song/video has been uploaded artists/bands will receive email confirmation with a link to their artist page so that they may begin to share. 

Videos with nudity will not be posted. Before submitting your music file please be sure that your song(s) are studio quality. To further help artists in getting their music heard around the world we will offer artist the opportunity for their music to be on the Platinum Mics Mixed CD. That being said songs must be mixed and ready for radio airplay.

We will reach out to artist of our choice for your permission for your song to be on the Platinum Mics Mixed CD. Platinum Mics mixed CD will not be for sale. They will be distributed to DJ’s and other media outlets around the world. More info will be discussed in detail for artist who are on the CD. 

Coming Soon!! Platinum Mics will offer Artist the opportunity to sell their songs  for digital downloads. More details to follow.