After Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Marvel classic-in-the-making has now clinched the best second weekend performance at the box office ever after clearing $108 million over the course of those three days.

“WAKANDA FOREVER!” was the cry heard ’round the world last week, and it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more of it this weekend now that Black Panther is on track to break even more box office records.

Following its February 16 debut, Black Panther brought in $202 millionfor its first three days in theaters, which made it the best opening ever for a film in February, the best opening ever for a film by an African-American director, and the fifth best opening ever, period.

Audiences have shrunk a bit — they always do in the days following a film’s premiere — but Black Panther‘s adding another accolade to the list: Thanks to the $292 million it earned in between weekends, it’s now scored the best opening week for a Marvel Cinematic Universe title to date.

Box office projections for its second weekend in theaters have Black Panther netting $100-105 million by Monday, which could out-do The Avengers as far as its sophomore weekend performance goes (that earned just over $103 million for Weekend 2 in 2012).

To put this in perspective, Black Panther‘s second weekend is set to match or do better than the first weekend for other major recent blockbusters: Wonder Woman made $103 million for its debut in 2017, by comparison, and Black Panther‘s only trailing Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s $117 million open by a small percentage.

T’Challa’s triumphs continue to add up, so once more: WAKANDA FOREVER!